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LUXLO Passion Fruit for Gin Lovers

LUXLO Passion Fruit for Gin Lovers

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LUXLO Passion Fruit for Gin Lovers is packed with botanicals and infused with natural passionfruit extract yielding a refreshing, clean and rounded flavour.

At just 28 calories per serve and 20%ABV, LUXLO Passion Fruit for Gin Lovers is around a third of the calories of a regular full-strength flavoured gin. Like all of our delicious spirits, it is completely sugar-free and contains no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. Enjoy!

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  • The nose:

    A bold passion fruit hit. Summer in a bottle!

  • The palate:

    Deep, fresh passion fruit sensation followed by light floral tones: reminiscent of the fruit itself. 

  • The finish:

    Dry, light, and warming with an everlasting flavour.

The Perfect Serve

Fill your glass with large ice cubes.

Use 1 part LUXLO Passion Fruit with 2-3 parts light mixer of your choice

Garnish with passion fruit seeds