The Luxlo Story

In 2019 we set out to create a lower calorie spirit that was lower in alcohol rather than alcohol-free. After a long period of experimentation with various recipes and distillations our first Purer, Lighter Spirits for Gin Lovers were born. Not only are they lower in calories and half the alcohol of most gins but they contain zero sugar, zero carbs and are vegan and gluten free too!  

All of our flavours are created using natural fruit extracts which means that we didn’t need to use artificial syrups like everyone else. We also don’t believe in sweeteners or artificials colourings. This all adds up to spirits that are kinder to the body - an altogether more mindful experience.

Sounds good but how do they taste you ask? Absolutely delicious! But don’t take our word for it - read our Reviews - or better yet head over to the shop and treat yourself to a bottle or two.

Luxlo For Gin Lovers

LUXLO for Gin Lovers is available as a London Dry as well as three flavours - Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate & Raspberry (yes we arrived at these after another intense period of experimentation!) - each as delicious as the other. All available as 70cl and 5cl bottles.

LUXLO for Gin Lovers brings you all the great flavour of full-strength gin, with half the alcohol and only a fraction of the calories. The distillation process that we use is exactly the same as the one employed for full strength gin production - but we aren’t allowed to refer to ourselves as “gin” due to the lower alcohol content. Yeah we know - not fair!

LUXLO for Gin Lovers is made using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Serve with lots of ice, your favourite mixer and a suitable garnish. Cheers!