LUXLO GINNY for GIN LOVERS Miniature (5cl)

14 reviews
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Now available in our handy miniature 5cl trial size.  Be kind to yourself with our deliciously natural, lower alcohol, lower calorie gin alternative.

Aromatic, smooth and light, LUXLO GINNY is juniper-led and packed with natural botanicals, individually distilled to create an exquisitely balanced, crisp, refreshing taste.

 LUXLO GINNY is LOWER CALORIE - with only 28 calories per single serve and all the flavour of a more alcoholic gin…enjoy!

 LUXLO GINNY is LOWER ALCOHOL - at only 20% abv, LUXLO has half the alcohol of many gin brands with only half a unit of alcohol per 25ml serve. Kindness for your body and mind.

LUXLO GINNY is PLANT BASED – juniper led and packed with 9 individually distilled, natural botanicals, LUXLO GINNY is a beautifully balanced, smooth, refreshing gin alternative 


LUXLO GINNY - Spirited by nature!

 The perfect serve 

Fill your glass with large ice cubes

  • 1 part LUXLO GINNY
  • A slice of pink grapefruit
  • 2-3 parts of a light mixer of your choice

 Tasting notes

Nose: Floral with subtle citrus notes

Body: Light, smooth and crisp

Palate: Aromatic, smooth and light, LUXLO GINNY is juniper-led with a balanced, crisp, refreshing taste.

Finish: Light floral notes with a long aromatic finish

14 customer reviews

LUXLO - what a treat!

“The spirits come in a range of delicious flavours and are absolutely ideal for every occasion, whether celebrating with friends or relaxing in the garden. The blood orange flavour was my personal favourite – perfect for a refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon. Beyond the great taste, the best bit is that Luxlo comes without any of the downsides of higher alcohol drinks!”
H Knowles on via email


I was recommended this Gin by a friend - and was not disappointed! Whilst I feared the lower alcohol and calories may affect the taste - I should not have worried. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.
Mr James Whitefield on Amazon

Very smooth Gin

Lovely product, very smooth.
Tracey Kelly-Grimshaw on Facebook

Gin lovers

Such a lovely smooth tasting gin. I would definitely recommend i had it with lemonade and tasted lovely and great when watching my weight added bonus. The bottle is so delicate and pretty.
Kelly williams on Amazon

Gin Expert

Really nice gin. In fact one of my favourites and I can drink it whilst on a diet after Christmas (bonus) because it's low calorie. Not into all these flavours so suits me. I'm happy now just poured another. Merry Christmas every one 👍👍👍
Trolltrash on Amazon

LUXLO - for Gin Lovers 5*!

This gin is so light and refreshing, I love it with tonic, but my friend also had some with lemonade and she loved it too!! Would be my go-to drink if I was watching my weight, as its low cal but still has all the flavour. I collect gin bottles and put flowers in them after, this will definitely be going in my collection, it's so pretty, it would look so good on any gin shelf or home bar too. Thanks, LUXLO! Fingers crossed for more flavours from you in the future!! :)
Rebecca Harrison on Amazon

Tastes wonderful!

Took this to a social gathering. Great taste and no hangover after. Already ordered my next bottle!
Aaron M on Amazon

Lovely gin and so refreshing

This gin is lovely and very well presented in such a pretty bottle. The citrus taste is refreshing and even better that it is low in calories. All in all a good buy! :)
Becky Y on Amazon

Like idea of lower alcohol content

Have just brought this as I liked the idea of lower alcohol content- because I can drink and not worry about having too much alcohol knowing I have work in the morning, also lower calorie intake ( every woman loves that!!! ) also the bottle design looks great and I must say it tastes amazing with full flavour I could drink all Evening. Would definitely recommend this product and will be buying more !
Tracey Ashenden on Facebook

My favourite gin, great for when I have to work the next day.

Just loved this lower alcohol gin , I needed to choose a lower alcohol option For health reasons. This Is smooth and refreshing with subtle citrus undertones, making it my favourite gin! Great for a night when I have to work the next day .
Miss ashenden on Amazon

More flavour than a full strength gin

I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of alcohol that I drink during the week but can’t drink tonic water on its own so I thought I would try this lower ABV Gin. I’ve drunk alcohol free spirits before and have not been impressed so my expectations were low until I made a gin and tonic with Luxlo. I think this product is far better than full strength of Gin.
Matthew servini on Amazon

by far the best

"Went to The Game fair Friday 26th July and tried a lot of gins, this one was by far the best with the added plus of having a lot less alcohol content, making for perfect daytime drinking � Keep up the great work guys ����"
Jade M A Hughes on Facebook


This is lovely. To be honest it doesn’t have the depth of “gin taste” but that doesn’t detract from the drinking pleasure at all. Luxlo is aromatic and provides a fresh, clean and quite complex taste. With a good tonic and a couple of slices of cucumber it’s delicious and a lot less calories if you give a fig about that sort of thing.
Tanzynia on Amazon

Highly recommended. Beautiful Gin perfectly packaged.

I enjoy a little Gin tipple and can honestly say this is absolutely beautiful! All the way down to the bottle it is in. Would highly recommend 🙂
sarah on Amazon