Natural Ways To Help Deal With a Hangover

Natural Ways To Help Deal With a Hangover

We’ve all, if not most of us, been there…’ve had a great night out with friends or a long overdue celebration with family, may have overindulged with a few too many drinks and now you’ve woken up with a dreaded hangover – ouch!

The first thing to remember is that your liver is working super hard to clear all the toxins and alcohol out of your system and although it might feel like a quick and easy solution, reaching for the paracetamol or similar painkillers is going to put your liver under even more pressure.

Here’s our advice on some of the less invasive options for helping your body’s natural detox process do its thing and hopefully bring you back from the brink of the unwanted hangover in a healthier way.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water during the day is always important, but this really comes into play when you’re suffering with a hangover. Ideally, you’d have had plenty of water the night before as having regular water between your lower alcohol drinks on a night out really helps to improve your chances of not having a hangover the following morning – but if you didn’t and forgot then now it’s essential to hydrate your insides with plenty of water throughout the day – you can also try adding a slice of refreshing lemon which is not only a powerful antioxidant but also an excellent source of vitamin C.


Eat healthy foods that are high in potassium.

The hangover munchies are a very real thing! Your body will probably crave for high carb, high sugar snacks that hit the spot – but they won’t really help your body to heal itself. Even if you enjoyed a lower-alcohol and sugar-free LUXLO the night before, what your body needs now are healthy foods that are full of vitamins and high in potassium to replace much needed electrolytes. Good examples are Avocado, Spinach, Eggs and prunes or bananas for that little bit of sweetness.


Grab the herbal tea selection box you were gifted.

It might still be hiding in the back of a kitchen cupboard from last Christmas (check the best before date if so) but that herbal tea gift set could have the answer to your prayers! Ginger, Fennel and Turmeric all have their own superpowers when it comes to helping to manage the symptoms of a hangover. Ginger will settle that upset stomach and help your metabolism, Fennel will help combat any nausea you might be experiencing, and Turmeric can help the repair of the liver cells and is a natural anti-inflammatory.


Choose a lower alcohol option and say goodbye to those bad all-day hangovers.

Here at LUXLO, lower alcohol isn’t about compromise – it’s about choice - which is why our head distiller Matt Servini worked so hard to develop our range of sugar-free and lower ABV spirits. If you are actively looking to consume less alcohol and have less chance of a hangover, then having the choice of lower ABV flavoured spirits like LUXLO could be a perfect solution for you. Of course, with four delicious varieties to try, you still may want to have a few of them –but try to keep it in moderation and definitely get stocked up with plenty of natural hangover helpers for the next day!

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