Drink Less and Drink Better - LUXLO For Gin Lovers Launches to the Consumer Market

Drink Less and Drink Better - LUXLO For Gin Lovers Launches to the Consumer Market

As we head back to bars and restaurants and avidly watch our waistlines after a year of  lockdowns, we’re more conscious than ever of the empty calories we consume and how to  limit them.  

Now you can reach for a new tipple that won’t take you over your daily calorie and carb  allowance with just 28 calories per serve. LUXLO-For Gin Lovers has launched four amazing  tasting flavours and, what’s more, they are all sugar free, low calorie and lower ABV.  

At just 20% ABV per 25ml measure, this is a drink that can be enjoyed as a treat any day of  the week without fear of a fuzzy head impacting the next day. 

Choose from Ginny-the original flavour for those who love the juniper tastes of some spirits,  Blood Orange for citrus lovers, Passion Fruit if you are looking for something exotic or  Pomegranate & Raspberry for that popular taste of pink berries

Juniper is the base flavour for the range which is hand distilled with nine carefully selected  botanicals and has a wonderfully clean mouth feel. Pair with your favourite light tonic or try a  Mediterranean tonic to really elevate the exciting flavours. One serve of LUXLO contains just  ½ a unit of alcohol.* 

Lunch with a friend? Have a LUXLO and tonic with a slice of fresh fruit. Dinner with the  family? A LUXLO over ice is perfect to sip before the meal. Catching up with friends? Why not  whip up a jug of LUXLO and lemonade over ice with chopped fruit. 

LUXLO’s head distiller Matt Servini worked hard to ensure that the flavour of juniper leads  LUXLO and is as detectable to the palate as it can be while maintaining a lower ABV. With  nine carefully selected botanicals, all individually distilled, the result is an exquisitely  balanced, smooth, light and refreshing, premium quality spirit

If you follow a plant-based lifestyle or actively avoid gluten, LUXLO is vibrantly vegan and gluten free.  

Looking for lower ABV, lower sugar, lower calories, and full flavour? Look for LUXLO.

LUXLO Spirited by Nature.


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