LUXLO Spirits - Drink Less, Drink Better
Premium Sugar-free, Low-Calorie Mid-Proof Spirit in Four Delicious Flavours

Company profile

  • Lucent Drinks T/A LUXLO Spirits
  • Launched to market: Jan 2021
  • Location: Rotherham, UK
  • Industry: Lo/No Spirit Distiller
  • Status: Early stage start-up
  • Revenue 2021 YTD: £82.5k
  • Forecast Revenue: £202k


The full-flavoured, sugar-free, low calorie, mid-proof spirit. Our unique distillation process is hard to replicate but easy to scale.


Steve Adams, Founder
Experienced entrepreneur, delivering consistent growth, revenue and profits
Neil Hepplewhite, Managing Director
Experienced Chief Commercial Officer from a variety of consumer industries including Spirits
Matt Servini, Master Distiller
Industry expert with 20 years global experience in distilling for multinationals including Diageo
Sharon Robson, Marketing and PR
Experience across a variety of PR, marketing and journalism.


A “free” spirits brand in the Lo/No sector for the right partner

Looking for our perfect partner - no strings attached

We’ve created an amazing, award-winning product, with a premium brand proposition and an outstanding award-winning packaging design.

But, strength comes in numbers sometimes and the best experiences are shared.

We’re not looking for an investor, and we are not selling shares - we’re offering a substantial equity stake for the right strategic partner.

It’s a lonely world out there, we’re looking for that perfect fit, a partner that can help us activate LUXLO, facilitate the day to day running and help us gain market share.

The time is now

There’s never been a better time to meet up. The stars are definitely aligned… Consumers love us.. Why? They love gin, they hate calories! With no sugar or artificial sweetener, vegan, and gluten-free we’re achieving what they want every product to achieve - great tasting spirits in only 28 calories! And being mid-proof is a real winner - with over 27m people consuming less alcohol than they did before the pandemic, and gen Z drinking less than any previous generation, at 20% abv, but just ½ UK unit per serve, there’s enough in there to make us a proper adult drink, without going overboard. Perfect for the low/no generation!

We tick some pretty big boxes on the government agenda too. The sugar levy doesn’t apply - there is none! The drive to encourage consumers to swap to low or no sugar drinks suits us down to the ground. And when the government gets its way and drinks calories have to be declared on menus, there’ll be some pretty big surprises - and we’ll be right ahead of the game. We’re already there now!

And as for the trade... Well not only do we look fantastic, but we taste and serve just like a full strength spirit - so unlike other low/no offers, consumers aren’t going to be disappointed. And unlike most low/no offers, we serve in just a 25ml measure, deliver 28 full serves in a 70cl bottle, contain no preservatives and have no shelf-life issues - giving great value for money. When you then layer in the travel sector opportunity, passenger well-being in the air and on-board and the retail landscape the opportunities are endless and the scope truly international!

Where's the catch?

There simply isn’t one - we’ve taken LUXLO a long way and we’ve been blown away by both the consumer and trade response. In just a short few months, we’ve seen the very real opportunity to scale the brand way ahead of our plan. Are you the perfect partner to help us achieve that?

We’re not looking for investment (as such), we're looking to fold LUXLO into a larger brand-centric organisation that can accelerate the plan and capitalise on the very immediate opportunity

We can deliver you a ready-made go-to-market proposition with an established and rapidly growing customer base, extensive and high-quality trade pipeline, npd line up and product extensions saving you time, money and resource - probably in excess of over £1.5m of investment for...FREE!

Really? Is it a free company? Yes and no, there will be some ongoing costs, but also ongoing revenue. Is there debt? Yes, but manageable and negotiable.

What have we been up to?

Well, if getting the brand launched wasn’t enough, over the last 9 months as we emerged out of lock-down in April we’ve partied hard! Not only have we undertaken 5 major trade events including most recently the Casual Dining Show, Imbibe and the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, we’ve also sampled and sold at 14 consumer events with a combined audience reach of over 1/2 million.

In addition, we’ve sold product via our own web-site, through Master of Malt, Drinkwell UK and successfully launched an Amazon Branded store with FBA Prime.

We're making noise

In addition, we’ve been building a strong social presence on a shoestring (no artificial paid-for audience numbers here) and achieved over 100 pieces of trade and consumer coverage in both print and online, taking part in industry podcasts and several influencer campaigns.

Lo/No Market & Competitors

Demand and sale for the low/no sector continues to rise, Gen Z and Millennials continue to be more mindful drinkers and choose quality over quantity.

It’s a very busy space, we’re in good company but we stand out from the crowd with our unique sugar-free, low calorie mid-proof offering.

Route to market

  • Amazon
  • Master of Malt
  • Drinkwell
  • Stonegate
  • Brunning and Price
  • Hampton
  • Shangri-la

Product Range (current and future)


Current (YTD)
Income: £82,500
Gross profit: £12,451
EBITDA: (£28,247)
Year 1
Income: £202,244
Gross profit: £79,775
EBITDA: (£71,550)
Year 2
Income: £800,280
Gross profit: £288,927
EBITDA: (£250,157)
Year 3
Income: £2,479,810
Gross profit: £881,747
EBITDA: £93,769

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