What is LUXLO?

Be kind to yourself with our deliciously natural, lower alcohol, lower calorie gin alternative. Vegan friendly and gluten free.

With GInny, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate & Raspberry there is a favourite for all.

LUXLO is juniper led with 9 carefully selected botanicals, all individually distilled by our master distiller all of which are exquisitely balanced, smooth, light and refreshing. Perfect for those looking to enjoy a great spirit and moderate whilst being healthier

Is LUXLO a gin?

Yes and no, LUXLO tastes just like a gin, probably more gin like than gin given the amount of botanicals we use in order to achieve a fuller flavour! Legislation, however, means we are not permitted to use the term gin as we are under 37.5% abv. We use the same botanicals and we distil our botanicals individually so we can impart the maximum flavour. Hopefully, one-day legislation will catch up with our desire to drink less, but with none of the compromise!

How do you make LUXLO lower in alcohol?

It’s not easy, our production is the same as a traditional gin, but dialled up to the max. To retain as much flavour as possible each of the 9 botanicals are distilled individually. This enables us to select the most desirable flavours and remove the unwanted oils and alcohol. The end result is a Juniper led smooth tasting spirit that tastes just like gin.

Why does LUXLO taste so beautiful?

Incredible ingredients and lots of them! To retain the flavour, we add more of the botanicals, for instance, we use 10 x the juniper you would find in a typical gin. Our distillation takes time, care and attention so you can enjoy the very best.

You can choose from Ginny, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate & Raspberry!

How should I serve LUXLO?

Enjoy LUXLO with your favourite mixer of your choice, simply sipped over ice or just create your own lower alcohol cocktails. Our perfect LUXLO serve is...

  • 25ml measure of LUXLO
  • A slice of your favourite fruit
  • Large Ice cubes
  • Quality light mixer of your choice (100ml)
What botanicals does LUXLO use?

We use 9 carefully selected botanicals, specifically juniper (and lot’s of it), our other botanicals are a closely guarded trade secret. So secret, but to give you a clue, we have hidden them in the design on our bottle!

How many alcohol units is LUXLO?

Exactly ½ a unit in a 25ml serving

What are the calories in LUXLO?

All our range is only 28 calories per 25ml serve and 20% abv...so enjoy all the deliciousness with none of the sugar.

Where can I buy LUXLO?

Right here or on Amazon. We are adding bars, pubs and retailers all the time.

I have allergies, can I enjoy LUXLO?

Absolutely, LUXLO is all natural, vegan friendly, gluten free, sugar free and suitable for those with nut allergies.

How can I stock LUXLO?

Drop us an email at trade@luxlospirits.com, we’d love to chat.