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The LUXLO Journey

Tuesday 12th March 2019 · by Martyn Withers

LUXLO: Where did the idea come from?

Our journey to creating LUXLO began over a year ago. Steve and I like a drink and after a night catching up and putting the world to rights, as you do, we woke feeling somewhat worse for wear and sat there drinking coffee looking at each other.

‘I don't know about you but I just can't do this anymore.’

We’re not 20 anymore and are beginning to creak a bit. Neither of us can take as much alcohol as we did and we don’t want to. We both have responsibilities, with work and family. We chatted over breakfast and came to the conclusion that surely there was a better way.

LUXLO founders Steve and Martyn
LUXLO founders Steve (left) and Martyn (right)

Anyone walking into a bar or restaurant are faced with the usual suspects of brands behind the bar, whether that be beer, wine, cider, spirits or soft drinks. Nobody seems to be providing a middle ground where you can enjoy a great night out and drink less alcohol (specifically in spirits) without it feeling like a compromise. By compromise we mean if you don't want to get drunk, that either means drinking less and nursing your drink, cutting the night short or drinking either a soft drink or one of those premium non alcoholic so called spirits.

Let's face it, when you go out, you want an alcoholic drink, it makes you feel part of the crowd, socially included and is part of why you are out in the first place. But we just couldn't find anything we the idea of LUXLO was born. When we asked friends they reiterated the same as we felt, so after a bit of discussion we decided to go for it.

LUXLO: What did we do next?

With no real knowledge, we began from scratch to see if it was possible to create a lower alcohol spirit with no compromise in flavour. We love our spirits, and don't really enjoy drinking a lot of beer/cider as it is too bloating and wine ends up with the same, if not worse hangover.

Having spent time researching it became apparent that there are increasing numbers of people like us, of all ages, who are changing their relationship with alcohol. It is less about dry January and more about creating an overall balance and moderation in all things, not just drink. It is becoming more about enjoying all you do, but being mindful in doing so.

The days of stuffing ourselves with junk food and drinking till drunk are declining and in its place is a more considered, mindful state of balance. Enjoying what you want but simply in moderation. More and more people are becoming more aware of their health and are reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

So we buried ourselves in books and the internet to discover the history of spirits and landed on one of our favourites, gin. We searched for a distiller who could help us understand if it was even possible to create. Our master distiller, Matt said it was a challenge, having less alcohol often means that you lose a lot of the flavour. But we created a unique distillation method, individually distilling each botanical three times to ensure we get the maximum flavour from them.

LUXLO master distiller Matt has helped create a lower alcohol gin alternative without compromising flavour
LUXLO master distiller Matt

LUXLO: What was our ambition?

Our goal was to create a gin alternative with lower alcohol that has all the characteristics and flavour of a London Dry Gin. The result, after 17 rounds of development is a truly smooth, light, refreshing gin alternative that is more gin like than gin. This is because we distil using more botanicals, so we are able to maintain that full flavour every gin lover enjoys.

LUXLO: Are we happy with the result?

When we blind taste tested LUXLO, nobody guessed it could be lower alcohol and with reviews like this, we think we have achieved something special.

‘This is the best/nicest tasting gin I have ever had’

Why not give LUXLO a try and find out for yourself!

LUXLO sits proudly alongside well-known gin brands

A glass of luxlo gin spirit, perfectly served

Luxlo for gin lovers



A lower alcohol gin alternative, Juniper forward using 9 botanicals individually distilled in quality neutral grain spirit and only 20% of the alcohol. We painstakingly distil each botanical retaining all the flavour of a full strength gin.

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